If you want to win, tell a great story

image via new york times

image via new york times

The New York Times put together this great mini-documentary about storytelling in campaigns. It is narrated by Mark McKinnon, who served as media strategist for George W. Bush's 2004 campaign. Remember the "flip-flopper" ad of John Kerry windsurfing? That's McKinnon. 

Here is a description of the doc from the New York Times:

"Candidates running for office work hard to reduce the complexities of the modern world into simple, soundbite-friendly stories. They invoke heroes and villains, fear and hope. As filmmakers, we understand the power of story to inspire, persuade and even manipulate people in ways that can be hard to recognize. So in this particularly story-rich election cycle, we set out to make a film that looks past the latest debate zingers and campaign-trail gaffes that dominate political coverage and focuses on how storytelling serves as the foundation of successful modern campaigns."

Watch below: