Campaign links: learn from the big campaigns

What down-ballot campaigns can learn from Presidential advance via @c_and_e
"My advice is have at least one person, although more is better, whose primary responsibility is advance. "

8 public speaking lessons from Ted talks via @ragancomms
"Whether you’re terrified of speaking in front of an audience or a seasoned presenter looking for ways to improve, these tips can help you ace your next speech."

Advanced targeting of ads vs. a good message via @aoladvertising
"Good creative is the flourish, the triumphant cadenza that catalyzes an emotional response in viewers and makes them connect with the candidate. That requires a human touch."

Why Trump may not sink down-ballot candidates via @justinwallin1
"Trump may be walling himself off from important general election voters, but there’s reason to believe he alone can’t sink down-ballot GOP candidates."