Candidates talking directly to voters


This article on how the presidential campaigns are getting more views on YouTube than ever before, and thought it was worth considering. 

The article doesn't attempt to prove anything conclusively, but it does indicate that voters are increasingly using YouTube to hear what candidates have to say. This creates a great opportunity for candidates - it gives them the ability to speak directly to voters, without the cost of buying an ad and without a media filter. 

Check you these instructional pages on how to stream live on YouTube, Facebook and Periscope.

Live streaming may be a good way to reach voters in the near future. It is probably not going to be broadly effective for local candidates right now, but consider trying it if you have campaign staff or volunteers savvy enough to help you. 

A few things to consider:

  • Consider how you'll use it: I might try streaming a speech you already have scheduled, but also consider weighing in on a current campaign issue from your home office or campaign headquarters
  • Find a volunteer who has some experience with live streaming to help you try it out
  • Send out a press release letting local media know you'll be streaming, and include the URL and time
  • If you decide to use it regularly, play it up to local media: "Candidate John Doe will be the first candidate for Lexington City Council to live stream all his speeches in 2016"
  • Look into how to advertise locally -- what twitter hashtags, facebook groups or blogs might get you the most exposure in your district? 

Again, it may not be a great way to reach a broad group of voters yet. But it could be a good opportunity for some earned media, which can help you reach your voters. 

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