Campaign links: how to raise the big bucks

How to raise the big bucks via @jeffbrooks
This is a great blog to follow -- fundraising tips in 200 words or less most of the time. 

Use livestreaming to talk directly to voters via @campaignsinabox
A few tips to consider on making it effective. 

Does direct mail still matter? via @votergravity
The answer is yes -- and check out the article for a good study on direct mail + tips on how to best use it. 

Digital & radio ads are increasing this year
This is obvious every year, right? Keep in mind that spots might be a little harder to reserve and might be a little more expensive than in other years when you plan your media budget. 

Inside the company that provides fake supporters via @DavyRothbart
This is a fascinating read -- and it is worth being aware of. If you're an activist or running for office, know that this stuff is increasingly more common. I highly discourage anyone from engaging in it, but keep in mind that your opponent may. 

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