Campaign links: the law & order campaign

The law & order campaign via @campaignsinabox
Is 2016 going to be a "law & order" year? Trump is making it a central theme to his campaign, and if crime is a problem -- or perceived to be a problem -- in your community, know that "law & order" might be an issue. 

6 tips for winning campaign slogans via @cmpwrkshp
"Campaign slogans can do two things: fall flat or add much-needed zing to a campaign. But how can you differentiate between so-so campaign slogans and one that will work for you? Here are our tips on how you can create winning campaign slogans."

How to get elected before you start your campaign via @campaignsinabox
There are a few things you can do to tilt the odds in your favor, before your campaign even begins. They all revolve around "community involvement." If you have a plan to run a year or more in the future, check out these tips and give yourself and edge. 

Why your political campaign needs a written fundraising plan via @localvictory
A fundraising plan is a "must-have" for every campaign. 

How to create a campaign plan - in two steps via @campaignsinabox
Every campaign needs a campaign plan. A campaign plan guides your decisions throughout the contest, and allows you to stay on track with money and goals. This guide gives you two (long) steps to put together a simple, but effective, campaign plan. 

Get real: authenticity in social media politics via @pushdigital
Authenticity is a must with social media. The candidate needs to be himself and interact with voters, or voters won't be interested in what he has to say. Setting up a twitter account just to send out press releases is a waste of time. 

Five things a first-time candidate must get right via @campaignsinabox
First-time candidates have a lot to figure out. How to raise money, how to create a message that will resonate with voters, which voters to talk to, etc. Here is a simple guide for five of the most important things first-time candidates need to get right. 

How many voters should you talk to? via @campaignsinabox
Figuring out how many voters to talk to can be difficult. You don't want to talk to every voter, because some already know who they're voting for and some won't bother voting. But you also don't want to miss any undecided voters. This guide will help you to understand the "voter targeting" process a little better. 

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