Campaign links: direct mail matters

Direct mail matters to your campaign -- here's why via @localvictory
Direct mail is important, particularly for municipal campaigns. Mail and door to door are the primary ways voters will learn who you are. Check out these tips on why direct mail is so important. 

When it comes to campaign tools, start with the obvious via @cmpwrkshp
There are a lot of tools out there that can help you with your campaign. You don't have to get too tricky -- start with the obvious ones. Here's a good list to begin with. 

Study: How to target your online content to get the most shares via @ragancomms
"Is there a rhyme or reason to crafting viral content? Recent research points to specific sharing platforms. Are you using the right social media channels and strategies? Find out."

10 rhetorical devices used in political messages via @ragancomms
"Though some speech devices are obvious to spot during election season, many are more obscure. How many of these do you recognize?"

Get real: authenticity in grassroots communication via @beekeepergroup
"The success of your campaign hinges on your organization’s ability to persuade your target audience to take action."

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