Forget to Create a GOTV Plan? Here's a Quick Solution

With the hundreds of things campaigns have to think about leading up to Election Day, one of the things that often gets put aside until the last minute is a Get Out The Vote plan. 

A proper GOTV plan is embedded in the campaign plan, months before Election Day. But when you're running for the first time, thinking about turning out your supporters in November isn't always priority #1. 

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GOTV Resource Guide from The Campaign Workshop

Joe Fuld over at The Campaign Workshop put together a great GOTV resource guide for candidates looking for some last minute tips. Definitely worth a read if you need some last minute guidance. 

Here is the post, and here is where you can follow Joe on twitter.

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GOTV: Use Social Media

Voter Gravity, a political consulting group that has a great blog worth following, wrote recently about social media in campaigns and used some stats to back up their positions. The article is a great read if you're running or thinking of running for office. 

One point they made - and one I want to expand on - is the use of social media for Get-Out-The-Vote operations. Social media is a useful tool for a lot of things in campaigns, but what it's most effective for is rallying your base.

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