[Weird] Case Study: Urban Congressional Race Hinges on…Israel?

Campaign are always dynamic. Occasionally, the issue of the campaign isn't what you expect from national trends and the candidates' backgrounds. And once, in 2002, the issue was completely confounding. 

This week, the theme of the case study is that sometime, campaigns are just weird. In 2002 the 7th District of Alabama - A Birmingham district that is Alabama's only reliably democratic district - replaced it's ten year Congressman in the Democratic primary.

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Don't Get Caught Off Guard

As a candidate, being informed about your district is important. While you don't have to know everything all the time, being informed about the issues and what is going on in your district is an advantage.

If you're the most informed person in the room, you'll be more confident in interactions with voters, the media and donors. 

Here are a few simple ways to be the most informed person in the room throughout your campaign: 

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Why You Research Your Race

Doing research is an often overlooked part of a campaign. We develop a message, start raising money and off we go. The compressed timeline of a campaign gives candidates a sense of urgency - there's no time to do lengthy research, we have to get moving. 

But thorough research in a few areas is a must. Here's an example of a failure to research a race effectively: 

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