Digital Advertising

Our digital advertising service includes the creation of digital ad campaigns that will deliver the client’s campaign message to targeted voters. The ad campaign includes up to three unique messages designed to introduce the candidate to voters, emphasize a specific campaign issue and get supporter to turn out and vote on Election Day.  Ad campaigns are created on the Facebook and Google platforms.


Voter Targeting

If you don't target who you campaign to, you might as well campaign in Hawaii. It's warmer there and they can't vote for you either. Voter targeting tells you who will vote, who won't bother voting, which voters are yours and which ones you don't have a shot with. 


Google Search

Google Search helps us target the most engaged voters who are actively looking to learn more about your candidacy (and your opponent's).


Facebook Lookalike

Facebook ads allow you to specifically target likely voters: and the lookalike audience allows you to target issues that are central to your campaign.