what's in the box?


Campaign Plan

The campaign plan lays out your entire campaign, from start to finish, including the door to door program, messaging, a media plan and a calendar that schedules your campaign from start to finish.



Door to Door Program

The door to door program is designed to build personal relationships with voters. We contact each targeted voter multiple times - with a "doorbell" visit, a follow up postcard (left) and a phone call reminder to vote. 
[sample pdf]


Race Analysis

We'll analyze the the district for the door to door program, use research and your resume to help determine the campaign message and which voters to target.
[sample pdf]



Your website is an important part of your campaign - it's what supporters and the most active voters will see first. We used integrated NationBuilder websites to track supporters for your door to door and  GOTV campaigns, and to organize your volunteers. Here are some examples of NationBuilder design themes. 

Calendar & Flowchart

The plan includes a calendar that lays out the door to door program, including which precinct to doorbell on which day and any other important campaign deadlines like filing deadlines and fundraising reporting dates.
[sample pdf]



Press Kit

Earned media is a great way to get your message out to voters on a limited budget. We put together a press kit explaining how to get earned media, how to build relationships with the media and how to make your press releases into something journalists will read.


We'll help you to craft a message that tells your story, connects with the values of the voters and contrasts with your opponent.